With 20 years of experience Data Science and Data Visualisation are a core competency of Micro Source.

The "old" name for these actvities are Management Support systems, Decision Support Systems and Business Intelligence.


To perform useful Data Science we support the following "pillars":

- Data Science is all about "change" whereas most other business support systems are about "run". Therefore software management applications like Chef and Ansible are indispensable for effective Data Science.

- The next level is Meta Data Management. Without knowing what the data means it is impossible to collect, analyze and present data in a meaningful manner.

- Knowing how processes are running is paramount to create useful data, therefore Proces Analysis is the third pillar of Data Science.

- Storing the data in a data base obviously is a core technology. There is a lot to think about there. The stotarge structure (Data Vault, etc.), granularity and Real Time aspects are all important.

- Distilling meaning from ever more data requires sophisticated statistical analysis and Machine Learning.

- To present the data in a comprehensive and effective way we speak the language of Data Visualisation.

- Since data is only useable if it can be accessed by all parties involved, licensing is an important aspect of the software. We have quite some experience with the consequences of licensing models.


Henk Scholten is a certified Data Vault specialist and finished the following Coursera data science on-line courses:

- Stanford University Machine Learning by Andrew Ng

- Johns Hopkins Data Science

- TU Eindhoven Process Mining.